Care During Birth

We look after our patients at Sydney Adventist Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital. Both hospitals have excellent facilities and a wonderful, supportive atmosphere.

In order to provide optimal care for all our patients when they give birth, we limit our deliveries each month, ensuring all our patients’ needs are met at this momentous time.

Birth Plans

In the last weeks of your third trimester, we will discuss your birth plan, including who you would like there while you give birth, pain relief, how you should prepare and ensuring any questions or concerns are clarified. Helping women safely achieve vaginal delivery is a particular interest of ours, and we aim to ensure all of our patients’ births are a wonderful experience.

Prior To Labour

As you approach your due date, you will notice your baby move lower into the pelvis. During your prenatal visit we will check your cervix to see how close you are.

Another sign that labour is just around the corner is what is known as “nesting”, where you feel a sudden burst of energy and the impulse to clean and prepare your home for your baby.

Be sure to call us right away if your contractions become stronger at regular and increasingly shorter intervals, if your water breaks, you have incessant lower back pain and cramping or if you experience a bloody discharge; even if it is before your due date.


When you arrive at either Sydney Adventist Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital, we will be there to check on you and to see how far along you are. During labour we will discuss pain relief options as we keep a close eye on your progression.

Pain Relief

As you approach your due date, we will talk through pain relief options with you. Depending on your preference and circumstances we can discuss natural methods, hydrotherapy and medicinal pain relief.

Natural Methods

Natural pain relief methods include breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, keeping mobile and finding comfortable positions (sitting, standing, crouching), using a swiss ball, and listening to comforting music. Many of these techniques are entirely up to personal preference, and we will discuss these with you in the antenatal stages.


Some women find hydrotherapy very comforting during labour as the water keep can keep you warm and well supported.

Medicinal Pain Relief

There are a number of medicinal pain relief options available, including epidural, spinal blocks and pudendal block. We will discuss the best option for you in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and during labour.

Caesarean Birth

If there are any concerns about your baby’s safety, or other complications, a caesarean section may be necessary to ensure your baby is delivered in the safest way possible. Most healthy pregnant women that experience no issues during labor or delivery can have their babies delivered vaginally. Helping women safely achieve vaginal delivery is a particular interest of ours. However, if there is the possibility that a caesarean section may be required, we will discuss the decision thoroughly with you and your partner.