How to create a snug sleeping environment for your baby

By October 8, 2019General

While expectant mothers and fathers might get excited, creating a beautiful nursery for their soon-to-be baby, sometimes aesthetics can get in the way of a sleeping environment which actually benefits newborns. While its fun to think about colour schemes, throw rugs and crib styles, it is even more important to understand how to make a sleeping environment which is conducive for sleep.

If you are in the process of planning and putting together a nursery for your little one, or if you’re just trying to get your baby to get more sleep, there are many factors which go into creating the perfect baby sleep environment.
How to create a snug sleeping environment for your baby

So, how do you create a snug sleeping environment for your baby? Here are three factors you must take into consideration to hit the right balance for your bub.


Are you worried that your current baby sleep environment might be too hot or too cold? Most parents aren’t sure if the nursery temperature is ideal for a night of peaceful sleep. The temperature in the baby’s room is an important factor for several different reasons. When we fall asleep, our bodies naturally cool off. Helping a baby’s body get to that lower temperature faster can encourage deeper sleep. It can also help the baby fall asleep quicker So what’s the perfect temperature? 19-21° will assist your baby in getting the perfect night’s sleep. Not only will the correct temperature improve quality of sleep, but will also reduce the risk of overheating or SIDS. If you feel that your baby is hot or sweaty, remove a layer of clothing or lower the room temperature. If your baby’s hands or nose is cool to the touch, or their lips turn blue, this is a sign they are too cold, so add another layer of clothing.


Dark sleeping space is essential and can transform their quality of rest and sleep. Just like you like to sleep in a dark room, your baby does too! Sleep hormones are released in the dark, allowing for a deeper and better quality of sleep. Blackout shades or coverings are the best ways to get your baby’s room at the optimum level of darkness. A dark room can also reduce overstimulation which can occur when your baby is overloaded with more experiences, sensations, noise, and activity than necessary. Like us, babies need downtime and the opportunity to spend time in a calm and stimulation-free environment, and darkness is the key to achieving this.


Similarly, to light exposure being a source for overstimulation, so too can noise. While it is not possible to control each and every sound in our homes, especially when living in city areas, there are a few things you can do to improve your baby’s sleep quality through sound. White noise is an effective way to mask other noises, while also bringing about other benefits to your child. These benefits include increasing the quality of sleep and helping to reduce stress and avoid overstimulation. While some parents may be worried about a child becoming dependent on white noise, it is not addictive or habit-forming. The best spot to place the source of white noise in the baby’s room would be across from the crib, not right next to it. White noise should always play continuously and should play for the entire duration of both sleep and naps. White noise is also a great cue for sleep for baby and allows them to transition into a comfortable, snug and peaceful night of sleep.

Creating a baby sleep environment will not only help your baby sleep well but will give you a better night’s sleep too! Focus on creating a cool, dark and quiet environment for the best possible outcomes. If you have any questions about babies and sleep or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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